About unborn

Two sisters take divergent paths in life only to find themselves embroiled in a deep mystery mired in the horrors of abortion and the industry’s widespread deceptions. Will they find a solution when the forces of good and evil collide?

Brilliant but rebellious in her youth, Kristin Soelberg is soon to take the top seat in a leading “family planning” organization. Her sister, Hannah, is a Christian mother who closely holds her parents’ values. Their distant lives come to intersect tumultuously through unforeseen circumstances.  


Hannah’s unsettling dream of a fetus sets off a cascade of baffling events. Malbas, a dark and menacing presence, haunts those whose lives are entangled in the drama while emissaries from above attempt to intervene.


Kristin strenuously resists any changes while desperately trying to escape the snare that awaits her. Will she find the answers she needs in time?