Our Divine Commission, and the Horror of Abortion

Honey bees, blue whales, orangutans and a million other at-risk plants and animals; all are disappearing liked loved ones on a fast-moving conveyor toward the kilns of Auschwitz. We humans, Earth’s ruling species, have failed the experiment. 

As for loved (and un-loved) ones, a relentless, indifferent machine transports our human offspring from the earthly realm. Sadly, the security of a mothers’ womb isn’t sufficient to save many babies from the deadly reach of countless abortionists worldwide. Their nothingness has created the greatest of black holes. They are desperately missed. 

Multitudes of loving and brilliant lives – offering countless contributions and goodness, whose lives were meant to be intertwined and connected to ours – are helplessly terminated, snuffed out and tossed onto the moving conveyor, now swelling with unborn souls.

Even the gift of life wasn’t enough. 

Surely, early terminations, even infanticide, were horrors brought on by early man, though not with the frequency we now see. Today, among the world’s many nations, with America now in second place behind China, unborn souls have created the thickest burden for heaven: babies are aborted faster than humans leave earth by any and all other means! 

Unborn began on Sunday, 1/27/19. Church that day included Bible study; we spoke about recent rulings by legislators: many states now allow late term abortions, even as a baby exits the birth canal. And, on those rare occasions that their best efforts fail, the result is referred to as a “fetus that was born.”   

 Class attendees stammered, “Who’ll tell their story?” and “Who’ll stand up for them?”  “Christian’s aren’t doing enough!” Our pastor’s message that morning contributed, asking “How will you find and fulfill your calling?”

After returning home that morning, my heart and mind were overwhelmed. I struggled toward normalcy and balance, but submitted to the fatigue. I took a nap – just long enough to know the mind indeed works while sleeping. I woke abruptly with the words, “Unborn” on my lips. I wrote it down, knowing there was an undercurrent. I had the distinct feeling that God coupled that gifted word with an admonishment, something like: “I’ve rather had it with your distractions; if when you sleep is the only time I’ve got you to myself, that’s the way we’ll go at it.” 

Now, almost two years later – and through many sleepless nights while working on the book –

Unborn is my first attempt at a long-term (shall I say, full-term) writing project, borne in just the right way – inspired by God. The triple-whammy of church message, class topic, and vivid inspiration while asleep became the kindling-starter. 

The book is not written to shame, judge or malign women. Far from it! I’m in awe of the family of women and have deep empathy for their cause. I love, respect and admire them for their immeasurable love of God and humanity, incalculable talents, determination and contributions. This world – I can now say with considerable experience – would be a miserable place without them.

The purpose of this book is not even to disagree with women’s rights or their freedom of choice. To have a child, or to end its life – those are personal choices. Yet, I fear for our souls, mine and a legion of pregnant women – for God will judge us in time for our every thought, action and deed. 

I must admit to a seething disgust for organizations that have mobilized against helpless babies into which God has breathed life. In the guise of offering “family planning” and health-sustaining services to women who are mostly naïve to institutional manipulations and deceit, the machinery of death has swelled to horrific size. I believe it’s my God-given commission to stand against the giant, grinding bloody machine – so shrewdly positioned as a source of help and empathy while offering fast, easy solutions to the inconvenience of living children. The intent of Unborn is to uncover and illuminate their hell-bent deception.   

After a 40-year career of writing non-fiction, Unborn finally led to a role I was truly meant for. I know that because God’s affirmed it forcefully, bountifully from the day I committed to its development. I’ll admit with some displeasure that it took many late-night promptings – forcing me to the keyboard – to wake me from decades of complacency. So, this work is for the Glory of God.   

I believe that, as part of our divine commission – with the intent that each of us would carry and perform some small part of it – our roles, our lives + stories, interweave to form a whole. 

A person’s experiences and story may be a bit, well, ragged – like mine. Or it may be orderly and intentional. Either way, allowing for a billion variations, each person’s life and soul are God’s tapestry just as intended – or as closely as possible, given holes in the road. Even wrong turns lead to serendipitous opportunity, change or a chance encounter. 

The tapestries eventually connect whether you look forward, or back. Some of the connections are planned and others just happen.

Albert Einstein said that coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous. I believe that, accidental or not, those providential twists of fate become so much a part of our life’s fabric, and those with whom our lives intersect.  

Intended lives, denied

There’s the familiar theory, six degrees of separation: any person on planet Earth can be connected to another person through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries. It’s just a clue to God’s ingenious human matrix. Come to think of it, He gave us the opportunity to experience human life, but the bigger picture has a lot more to do with everlasting souls, each identified temporarily with the name given to us at birth, that we briefly host and steward. 

So, when we deny the earthly lives that were to play a role in God’s plan some 56 to 60 million a year or more are aborted worldwide – the elements of that holy fabric dangle and fray. The entire design breaks down and eventually comes apart. The coinciding human experiences, intended to intersect, cannot. Without those human lives (and essential souls), intended to fulfill specific roles – holes and gaps occur. Those interwoven connections and circumstances, designed to provide order and continuity, never occur. 

Of course life moves on, paving over those gaps to best ability. We roll right over aching souls, fragile ecosystems, and anything else in our path, including and especially unwanted babies.  Intended roles simply never happen, and we humans move apace with little regard for a divine design and purpose. There’s little introspection, though pain and sadness and depression are now a far greater part of the human experience than the joy of acknowledging Christ’s dominion.         

Perhaps this is how the design, the human experiment, leads to its end. He gave us free will, after all. 

If such a thing is inevitable in the now-incomplete world (I hope and pray it’s not), there’s no question that paralyzing sadness and grief will be thrown upon us, our families, friends and relatives. After all, Satan reigns here on Earth. This is his domain. 

We’ve all had the opportunity and the responsibility to commit our lives to Christ, and we’re all commissioned to the aid of others. Yet, amidst it all, millions and millions join the volume of aborted each year. Gone, removed, terminated – long before they could fulfill their destiny and role in God’s extraordinary human matrix. 

Finally, I can’t weigh-in on the tragedy of global abortion without looking to the misery of women who’ve sacrificed their babies. Though abortion-rights professionals and activists do their best to deny the torturous pain and suffering, mental anguish and spiritual turmoil* that many of these women experience after an abortion, the data sadly proves it out. A very large percentage of women do struggle with the decision they’ve made to terminate a baby’s life. And that’s because God planted a conscience within each of us, His reminder to us that we are born with a divine purpose, and a moral compass to show us the way.

*In fact, many of the quickly-served-up, Google-offered “sources of expertise” on the topic refute this, with claims that “99% of women feel relief five years after abortion,” or that “women rarely regret decision to get an abortion.” Don’t believe it. The availability of truthful and unbiased information on the Internet is buried below giant piles of information stemming from intentionally biased “clinical studies.” Their “research data,” pushed by design to the top of Google algorithms, merely reinforce the lies.